Winter is upon us and as the cold mornings and dark evenings set in the New Year’s fitness resolutions are only a couple of weeks away. If you’re looking for the perfect activewear to begin your fitness journey this January, then why not try Unique Physique.

Unique Physique’s range of Men’s fitness wear provides high-performance apparel for the cold snaps of the winter months. Heat up your morning workouts with style and supercharge your performance with our freshly designed, Premium range.

Whether your looking to find the suitable garments for some cardio on a crisp January morning or searching for the transferrable garments to wear during an indoor gym workout there’s plenty on offer across Unique Physique. The base layer of clothing is essential to your workout preparation and maintaining peak performance. When embarking on a crisp morning run it’s important to feel comfortable and weather appropriate especially if your new to the fitness game.

Unique Physiques Quarter Zip T-Shirts are made from high-performance technical fabrics that help insulate the body before, during, and after a workout. This feature of the garment allows your body to maintain it’s core temperature, reducing the opportunity for muscle injuries to occur. The technical fabrics are designed to usher perspiration away from the skin creating a barrier between the garment and body. Contrast this to wool-based sportswear and you’ll understand the importance of ventilation for preventing your perspiration from becoming uncomfortable. Additionally, the Quarter Zip is equipped with specialist thumb holes allowing your hand to stay warm while also providing ease of access to anything you require at an arm’s length, mobile phones, car keys etc. Something gloves cannot offer.

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Garments of Quality In The COLD

Unique Physique prides itself on creating high-quality contemporary garments that are not only perfect for all types of weather but offer fitness wear with an identity. If you’ve been searching for garments that you can mold to your personality, then don’t look any further.

It’s important to look and feel ready especially if you’re new to the fitness world. Feeling part of something can go a long way in benefitting the way in which you approach workouts, your motivation to train and the results you want to see.

All of our sportswear is designed with the customer in mind and is available in an exceptional range of colour pallets suitable for Autumn, Winter, Summer, and Spring workouts both indoor and out. Whether it’s a casual jog in the park with a friend or an intense cardio workout in the gym or even a casual activity Unique Physique will make you feel like you. Of course, it’s the Winter apparel that you’ll be pining for the most and stock is selling fast. With products available across both male and female lines there’s a multitude of products on offer. Whether it’s a hoody, jogger, t-shirt or mens gym vests, Unique Physique is the perfect option for a Christmas gift or a January lifestyle change. Make the move and push yourself in the right direction. Start being you to today. Be unique! read more